Is your website finding you new business?

If people can’t find your website then quite simply how are they going to contact you?. We can help you get your website into and well ranked in search engines to make sure you get the mast website traffic. At snapiweb we build websites that comply to the highest web standards and work hard at ensuring your website is found in the search engines by the people you want to engage.

Our online marketing services break down into the following areas and we can work with you on all or just some of these.

Website Audit

We know what we’re looking for and can run a complete audit of your website in just a few hours. We’ll compare your website to your competitors, identify SEO mistakes, examine it for usability and make recommendations on how you can improve your Search Engine Ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines essentially look at your website to record information about it which they then use to display as search results. If the search engine is unable to follow your website or retrieve information from it then it can seriously impact on your search engine rankings.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There is just one way to ensure that you will be on the front page of google for any of your search terms and that’s Pay-Per-Click. Simply put, you bid on keywords for Google to display your ad to relevant searches. It can be incredibly cost effective if setup correctly.

Organic Search Engine Listings

One of the key areas that many search engines use to determine the relevance or importance of a website is the number of other websites that link to it. Essentially, the more websites that link to you, the more important your website must be.

October 21, 2008 by Web Stories 

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